Can Wax Paper Go In The Microwave?

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to use wax paper in microwaves for containing and packaging. Wax paper is safe to put in the microwave provided you’re not using it to wrap foods that are extremely high in fat and oil contents. Wax paper is generally transparent to microwave radiation because its particles cannot absorb it. As a result, it doesn’t heat up directly from the radiation but rather from food sources that have been heated by the radiation.

 Wax paper is widely used for cooking, baking or to cover the food and prevent splatter. Many people use wax paper in the microwave to help retain heat more efficiently. The wax paper heats the food faster without creating a steaming effect on it. As a result, wax paper will not be harmed in the microwave. Still, there are some how-to tips and safety practices you should know about.

Can Wax Paper Go In The Microwave?

Yes, wax paper can go in the microwave. Wax paper is microwavable and a useful resource. People often use it for storing leftovers or lining pans. The thing is, that means it is on or in our dishes when we try to microwave it. The great thing is that it is considered safe to microwave. Wax paper, parchment paper, and cooking bags are safe to be microwaved.

How Do You Microwave Wax Paper?

Thus, you can heat this paper in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes at a time. That is to say, the wax paper doesn’t completely melt onto the food when heated adequately. Although, it is advisable to buy microwave-safe wax paper that uses quality material.

Wax paper provides safety when utilized as a lid to eliminate microwave-related problems or sticky messes that can be prevented with nonstick cookware. The wax paper under normal circumstances reaches the point of combustion very easily. It doesn’t come into contact with the food directly when you use it to cover food in a microwave.


There is another way of using wax paper, you can wrap foods before cooking in a microwave. You can also cover water-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, and meats with wax paper when microwaving. Water-based food items won’t heat wax paper to an extent where the wax coating melts off, at normal average microwaving conditions. Several people also wrap foods containing average quantities of oils and sugars in wax paper to microwave. However, you shouldn’t microwave wax paper to cook foods containing very high amounts of salt, oils, and fats. 

Is It Safe To Microwave Max Paper?

If you have decided to use wax paper, you need to know how to use it safely. If you are using a convection microwave, you have to be very careful about an important aspect. The convection fan may blow the wax paper away while the food is being heated. Certain things shouldn’t be used in the microwave, but fortunately, wax paper isn’t one of them.

As mentioned earlier, wax paper is used to cover the food safely in a microwave or to prevent food from sticking to the cooking surface. Even though it’s safe to do so, it’s recommended to check the packaging to verify that they are indeed microwave-safe. You should always purchase high-quality microwave-safe products from reputable brands to ensure proper safety. 

However, you shouldn’t wrap foods containing high amount of fatty tissues or oily foods with wax paper. While the wax paper is normally invisible to the radiation from the microwave, this is because its particles are unable to absorb it. Certain foods such as those containing fatty substances and those that are particularly oily can easily heat to temperatures well over 200 degrees F. This can lead to melting of the wax coating on the paper and may cause the paper underneath to catch fire.

How Long Can You Microwave Wax Paper?

How Long Can You Microwave Wax Paper?

There is no temperature control for microwaves. Eventually, Oils and fats heat up easily and reach higher temperatures much faster than water-based foods. The high-temperature heating leads to the melting of the wax coating. The lower specific heat capacity of fats and sugars is the major reason that helps them reach higher temperatures than other substances. Thus, don’t microwave food that contains a lot of fats and sugars for very long when using wax paper as they can easily melt.

Under normal circumstances should the wax paper reach the point of combustion very easily? So, you can heat this paper in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes at a time, that is to say, the wax paper doesn’t completely melt onto the food when heated adequately. As a result, it is best to run the microwave for about two to three minutes at a time. If you’re not satisfied with the result, allow the wax paper to cool down for a minute or two and then heat your food again.

Tips To Microwave Wax Paper

To be honest, wax paper is most safe when used as a lid to prevent microwave mess. It is also used to reheat leftovers, steam foods, or as a disposable nonstick surface for easy clean-up. It hardly makes any contact with food so the risk of melting or burning is greatly reduced.

If you’re going to be using wax paper for your microwave cooking, you will find these tips helpful;

  1. Always purchase good quality, food-grade wax paper. This is important to guarantee your safety in case the wax melts into your food.
  2. You don’t need to throw your food away when the wax melts with good-quality wax paper.  
  3. Make use of wax paper as a pan liner. Whether you want to grill or make a mug cake in a microwave, you can utilize wax paper as a pan liner for a mess-free cleanup.
  4. Wax paper is best for steam-based foods. Avoid using it with oils and fats. Fats and oils tend to attain very high temperatures in a short time. Therefore, wax paper is not ideal for them.
  5. Wax paper makes an excellent alternative to freezer paper, butcher paper, or plastic wrap when freezing foods for longer-term storage.
  6. Lastly, avoid using wax paper for too long in the microwave. The wax can eventually melt off. In these situations, it is best to stick with parchment paper or microwaveable lids.

Final Verdict

To conclude, wax paper can go in the microwave and it also provides safety when used as a lid. It is advisable to use wax paper but there are some tips and techniques to use it, that are mentioned in this article.