What Is a French Kitchen Garden

What Is a French Kitchen Garden?

Hey, we hope you’re doing well in this pandemic. All of us have been locked up in our houses with tons of chores to do every day including dishes, washing clothes, and gardening. So, are you also planning to give your garden a full makeover? If yes, then you’re in the right place!! Today I will be giving you an overview of what is a French kitchen garden and how you can set up your French kitchen garden. So, without wasting one more second, let us hop onto the details.

French kitchen garden is a type of garden that has a specific pattern for gardening intending to serve food aesthetically. The historical design of the French garden had been passed on from the gardens of renaissance and baroque garden à la française times.

What Is a French Kitchen GardenWe all know what a kitchen garden is, right?  It is a garden in which plants, especially those which are used in cooking or the kitchen, are planted such as different vegetables, spices, herbs, and fruits.

So, keeping all of this in mind don’t mistake French kitchen garden for French vegetables, spices or herbs; in fact, it is a way to add aesthetic beauty to your kitchen garden. To add in more beauty to the kitchen garden, various colorful and attractive flowers are also planted along with the vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

The French kitchen garden looks as beautiful and aesthetic as it sounds like. It is more similar to the English cottage gardens but differs in a way that the French kitchen gardens consist of vegetables, herbs, spices, and fruits rather than flowers. So, in short, the French kitchen garden serves in two ways; being aesthetically pleasing to eyes and productive.

1. Be Creative with The Layout

The very first thing that a person who is planning to create a French kitchen garden is that they should keep in mind that they need to be creative with the layout of his/her garden as the historical design of the French kitchen garden has been passed on by the French’s which usually has a very formal and geometrical design that is pleasing to an individual’s eyes.

Also, it’s not only about planting your vegetables in a pattern as different plants have different texture, color, size and shape ‘ so it really important to sort out the plants first and decide which out of all the plants you want to plant together.

2. Think While Planting Vegetables

Gardening requires a lot of research as when you pick from your kitchen garden, you are continually planting the other plant to the same yield so that it grows till the particular season.

For example: ‘lettuce’ is known to be an annual plant for the daisy family as it does well at the beginning of the season and not in the middle of it, (because it cannot sustain very hot weather). So, it is really important for you to be prepared to plant another vegetable as an alternative for the lettuce to fill up the area. 

This rule can be applied to all of the vegetables that you have planted in your kitchen garden.

3. Are You Running Short of Space? Build Up!

On the off chance that you are running short on space, try to build up a bit. Such as, add in some pots or try to utilize your vertical space by following the same pattern. There are many vegetables and herbs that don’t have deep roots and can be planted in a pot very easily such as tomatoes, mint, celery, lemons, etc.

How Does the French Kitchen Garden Benefit Us?

Setting aside the aesthetic and satisfying part of these French kitchen gardens, they also serve in a productive way such as the additional advantage of making a better environment for the food that you are planning to grow.

A kitchen garden pulls in more pollinators with the additional blossoms that you had planted along with the vegetables to increase the beauty of your garden, consequently creating a situation which would attract more and more bugs that’ll prey on the annoying little nasty bugs resulting in making it easier and successful for you to garden, cheers!!

Final Verdict

To wrap it all up on what is a French kitchen garden, French kitchen gardens are more of the versatile kitchen gardens that follow an aesthetic pattern. Considering how the site you finalized fits into the aesthetic scene. Also, mixing up of spices, blossoms, and natural products with vegetables requires a cautious position of perennials so they don’t meddle with the growth of other vegetables as the purpose of planting such blossoms is to increase the visual beauty of your kitchen garden.

The key for a perfect French kitchen garden is to be a little creative with the gardening stuff, for example; little organic trees should remain at the edge of your garden, along with ways and dividers, with strawberries, yearly spices, or colorful flowers right next to them.