Why Kitchen Gardening Is Important

Why Kitchen Gardening Is Important?

Hey! Are you planning on doing some kitchen gardening and you are really confused if it’s worth it or not or why kitchen gardening is important? If yes, then you are absolutely in the right place as kitchen gardening is really important and should be considered must as per our knowledge keeping in mind the amazing benefits you get from it.

The word gardening brings up a huge piece of land in your mind but let us tell you a fact that kitchen gardening is something totally different from the traditional gardening as you don’t have to search for a proper place in your house for gardening, it can be your balcony, terrace or courtyard.  Without wasting a second, let us jump onto the amazing benefits that you can attain from kitchen gardening.

Kitchen gardening is very important in many ways, it gives you fresh organic and clean vegetables for your meals, the plants clean the air pollution, detoxify the environment, and provide freshness to the environment. You can also do it as a creative hobby. Kitchen gardening makes your kitchen aesthetically pleasing and neutralizes your mood.

Why Kitchen Gardening Is ImportantGardening itself has a lot of benefits on the environment be it reducing global warming or cleaning up the air. This is when your mind strikes that why do people in a rural area have fewer health problems as compared to people living in urban areas where the air is polluted badly. The top 7 benefits that you can avail from kitchen gardening are:

1. Organic, Fresh, And Clean Veggies Straight from Your Kitchen Garden

In this modern world of the era farmers have explored a short cut for harvesting and growing vegetables before the predicted time through chemicals which has badly affected human health; if you call  out then you may be able to distinguish that people nowadays are dying at an early age as compared to the previous generation.  Our wellbeing is significantly influenced by the chemicals and other toxic materials which surely are not good for us. Keeping this mind, kitchen gardening can be the new mainstream as it would be 100% organic, fresh, and safe for you and your family.

2. Cleaning Up Air Pollution

Air pollution is something that comes free with the posh City life; pollution is something that you cannot omit while living in a city. Which makes it obligatory to plant more and more trees as we can because plants tend to clean up the pollution and release more  oxygen into the air so that we can breathe in the clean air without the toxic pollutants. One more thing, planting new trees in order to clean up the air would definitely result in more greenery, so for thought, can you imagine living in a world with no oxygen or greenery?

In short, it is really important for people to have small herb gardens in their backyard, balcony or terrace as the greenery would indirectly leave a vast effect on the environment and improve it radically. It isn’t just essential to plant trees in our homes, but we should also bring this issue to light for a worldwide temperature alteration too as the ozone layer is getting thin day by day due to global warming.

3. Plants Act as A Detoxifier for Your Environment

Plants not only maintain the oxygen level in the air but also detoxify it. Manures and pesticides have become a part of our natural way of life which makes it essential and obligatory to include some organic herbs in our food while cooking in order to get the max out of it as it detoxifies the synthetic toxic chemicals from our body. Almost all the plants that are known to be detoxifiers in nature are really difficult to plant as they require special care including proper watering and sunlight. A few species of such plants are listed below:





Spinach, etc.

Keep the fact in mind that these herbs are easily available in the local market and are not even expensive, but then on the other hand, it all revolves around the same fact that all spices and herbs are manufactured artificially using pesticides, and we’re not too keen on using that once we know about it, are we?

So, it is always better to plant such spices and herbs in your garden as ‘prevention is always better than cure’.

4. A Sense of Aesthetic Worth

If your garden is well maintained, then apart from being beneficial for your health, it can be extremely pleasing to the eyes as well which definitely results in elevating your mood and also makes you overwhelmed with positive vibes because come on, who does not like a house that is well maintained and well decorated with a feeling of freshness and happiness?

5. Kitchen Gardening as A Creative Hobby

Talking about hobbies, every individual in this world has their own hobby depending upon their area of interest.  Many individuals have a ton of interests and propensities. Keeping up the Kitchen Garden is perhaps the best hobby you can have. Regardless of whether it begins as interest or not, it will immediately turn into a propensity. By entering the Kitchen Garden, you will never have a day without getting the fresh vibes and your mood lightening up.

Everyone should have some innovative side interest throughout everyday life to keep them busy in their life. Because in case, if we don’t have any hobby or aim in life, it would proportionally affect our energy about being enthusiastic about life itself. Furthermore, cultivating is an extremely imaginative and satisfying act as you are supporting the plants and helping them grow.

6. Establishing and Getting Associated with The Earth

One of the serious issues with present-day living is that we are completely unaware of our natural surroundings and have distracted ourselves from the beauty of Earth and mother nature. For example, we live in a walled-off life where we’re only truly bothered about the next work we’ve got to do, we very rarely go out for gardening or for any other activity that requires interaction with nature.

According to our forefathers and wise people from that era, the human body is made up of 5 elements that include: water, ether, fire, air and earth.

So consider these five elements, it won’t be wrong to state that human beings should stay in touch with mother nature in order to repair the worldly damage. That will be a lot beneficial for us as plants and nature unknowingly enhance our mood and increase the production of ‘serotonin’ the happy enzymes which eventually makes one feel better.

7. Plants Are Proven to Be Beneficial For Aura and The Aesthetic Body

It has been a tradition for so long to plant trees in our terraces and backyards just to keep up the greenery. Despite the fact that there are numerous plants and trees, we tend to plant certain specific types of plants because of the fact that they have that special Aura which makes them special for us. The most common plants for example include neem, tulsi, and peepal that are famous for their fabulous aura.

Advantages of Kitchen Gardens

  1. Kitchen gardens are really inexpensive.
  2. Kitchen gardening is wealthy in dietary substances.
  3. You will get your family organic and convenient supply of vegetables.
  4. One of Kitchen Garden’s qualities is that the vegetables contain nutrients and minerals of different sorts.
  5. These assists in countering the food issue that presently prevails in the nation.
  6. These do not contain any poisonous materials like vegetables that are available out there in the local market.

Disadvantages of Kitchen Gardens

  1. One of the most common disadvantages of Kitchen Gardening is that it is time-consuming. There’s insufficient time for everybody to spend in the nursery. It could, consequently, turn out to be a failure if you do not put in sufficient effort and time.
  2. As you work in the Kitchen Garden, you are likely to get more injuries than usual.
  3. To be honest, Kitchen gardening can turn out to be a huge disaster due to lack of appropriate knowledge, so start it with adequate understanding. But I would recommend that you do it!

Final Verdict

Mostly, people focus upon the pros and cons of activity and the most common query that pops up in your mind would be, ‘why kitchen gardening is important?’. For this specific question, let me tell you that Kitchen gardens are of great significance and are turning out to be exceptionally well known nowadays.

The vast majority of people are embracing this cultivating method on account of the few advantages it has in our everyday lives such as you can plant any vegetable and organic product that you love, you get to save some extra bucks as they are harvested at home without pesticides and are fresh to eat.

It additionally acts as an air purifier, vegetable and fruit peels and seeds can be recycled to make fertilizer and compost which is great and gainful for the development of different vegetables which you will plant. Lastly, organic veggies and fruits have their own taste that makes them different from the ones that are available in the market.