Why is My Dishwasher Not Cleaning Well

Why is My Dishwasher Not Cleaning Well?

Dishwashers have lesser our workload in a kitchen by washing dishes in our behalf. We can simply place the dishes inside the dishwasher and it will do the job for us. In this busy world when every single one of us is working and have a busy schedule, washing dishes can be very hectic for us. Dishwashers were invented to ease our workload.

Dishwasher not cleaning the dishes well is one of the main and most common problems. People do not take care of little things that can turn into a big problem, and then wonder why is my dishwasher not cleaning well.

There are many problems that can make dishwasher not to clean the dishes properly which can be caused due to, detergent you are using, hard water, loading the dishes wrong, use of cold water, insufficient water supply, clogged drain, blocked filter with food debris, no pre-rinsing etc.

Tips for Clean Dishes

If your dishwasher does not clean and leaves the spots on the dishes. It could be caused by many issues. Below are the issues listed along with their solutions:

  1. Right Detergent

We all know that machinery needs the care to run perfectly. All the dishwashers have their own specific type of detergent for them to run smoothly. Consult the manual that comes with the dishwasher and always use the right type of detergent that is mentioned on it.

  1. Hard Water

It also depends on the kind of water you are using in your dishwasher. Hard water does not make any foam and is not good for cleaning when not used with the right detergent. Make sure that you are using the right detergent according to the kind of water supplied to your area.

  1. Rinse Aid

Whenever you buy a detergent always check if it includes a rinse aid or not. If it does, then you do not have to add extra the amount of detergent in the dishwasher. Otherwise, you can double the amount or just skip it and add white vinegar in the reservoir it will do the job perfectly.

  1. Loading the dishes

Why is My Dishwasher Not Cleaning WellSometimes if you load the dishes more than the capacity of your dishwasher in a single load, it will not clean the dishes properly. Follow the instructions. We know it saves energy and water if we load more dishes at a time, but it will make the dishwasher overload and it will only clean the dishes that are fully exposed to its spray arms. It is good to load dishes properly rather than rerun the whole cycle again because the dishes were not clean well. Place the dishes with the distance mentioned in the manual and in the right numbers.

  1. Water Temperature

Why is My Dishwasher Not Cleaning WellMake sure that the temperature of washing water is optimal. For this, you can start the dishwasher prior to loading the dishes. Wait for the water to get hot to touch then load the dishes and start a cycle. After this, even the first cycle of your dishwasher will have hot water instead of cold. This is a very important tip especially for winters when it takes longer for water to heat up.

  1. Water Heater Temperature

Temperature plays an important role in the perfect cleaning of dishes. Low temperature does not wash stains and grease completely and the high temperature will cause water to flash dry without rolling off the dishes. Usually, the water heater should be set on the temperature between 120 to 125 degrees. It is the ideal temperature for washing dishes in most of the dishwashers. It could be different for different dishwashers. You can always check the manual for that.

  1. Insufficient Water

Sometimes a dishwasher is not filling up enough water to clean the dishes it could be due to some blockage in the water supply line or maybe the float is stuck somewhere in the high position which is triggering the float switch to not fill any more water. Check if there is any problem in draining due to some filter blockage, it will also not allow any more water in the dishwasher.

  1. Inlet Valve

Sometimes the inlet valve gets damaged and makes a hammering noise. If this is the problem, replace the inlet valve and your dishwasher will work perfectly. For that firstly, make sure to shut off both the power and water supply. Unscrew the brass fitting that connects the water line to the valve, also remove the screws that are holding the valve to the bracket so that you can have access to the filter screen. Now reinstall the valve.

  1. Scraping before loading

Why is My Dishwasher Not Cleaning Well?One of the more convenient ways to get your dishes clean is to scrap those stubborn stains that get stuck on baking trays or pans during intense cooking. It will make the workload of your dishwasher somehow lighter and it will clean the remaining stains easily. This will also reduce the chance of blockage during the cycle.

  1. Correct Cycle

Choose the correct cycle according to the demand of your dishes. Try to assemble the same type of dishes in one load so that they can be washed properly by your dishwasher. theu00a0shorter lighter setting may save you energy or water, but it is better to command the right cycle then washing your dishes yourself afterward.

  1. Spray Arms

Another reason for the dishwasher not being able to clean the dishes well can be the blocked spray arms. Spray arms play a vital role in washing the dishes in nay dishwasher as they target every part of the loaded dishes to make sure every single spot is being cleaned properly. You can simply remove the spray arms by turning them anti-clockwise and pulling at the same time. Clean every hole and your dishwasher will do its job perfectly.

  1. Use of Vinegar

Vinegar can clean almost any kind of stubborn spot or blockage. If your dishwasher is not cleaning the dishes properly it may need a thorough cleaning itself. Using white vinegar is the best option as it will clean every area and unblock every passage of your dishwasher. All you need is to add a cup of white vinegar into the bottom of an empty dishwasher and run a normal cycle. This will make your dishwasher clean and smell fresh.

  1. Dishwasher Seals

Another reason could be the dirty dishwasher seals after a few months of use. It could be around the rubber gasket in the door and the soap door as well. Try to clean them once a month with a damp towel.

  1. Dishwasher trap

There is a tray under the lower sprayer down in the dishwasher. Sometimes debris of food did not drain out and stuck there making it difficult for the dishwasher to function properly. Remove the tray, it can come out fully and rinse it in the sink.

Final verdict

Dishwasher is a machine that washes dishes for you and every machine needs proper care to work properly. If you are having dirty dishes at the end of each cycle and thinking why is my dishwasher not cleaning well, then check the above-mentioned options. We have covered all the problems you can have in your dishwasher, with their solutions as well.