Why Does My Dishwasher Smell So Bad? / Why Does My Dishwasher Stink And How to Remove Smell From Dishwasher

Why Does My Dishwasher Stink? 5 Easy Steps To Clean It

It is normal for dishwashers to start to smell after some time if they are not cleaned after regular intervals. So, if you are wondering, “Why does my dishwasher smell so bad?” or “Why does my dishwasher stink?” and “how to remove smell from dishwasher?”, there is a good reason that some of the food particles might have gotten stuck on some parts of your dishwasher without you noticing it and cleaning them would take care of the smell.

Why does my dishwasher smell so bad? / Why does my dishwasher stink?

When some food particles get to remain inside the dishwasher, they start to accumulate and the smell gets worse. Ultimately, the smell is also transferred to the dishes which are washed next and you start to notice the smell which has actually been present for quite a bit of time and is more likely than not the food particles you have washed before.

What can cause the smell?

If you have an old dishwasher and you are facing this problem for the first time, then there might be two main causes:

  • Whatever dishwashing product you are using
  • Hard water

How does it usually smell like?

Most commonly the smell or odor can be defined as “fishy”, “rotten egg like” or simply foul-smelling odor.

Which parts of the dishwasher are more likely to cause the smell?

The smell can mainly originate from the following parts:

  • The filter
  • Inside of the machine
  • The draining hose

How to remove smell from dishwasher?

Number 1: Check if your draining hose is open and positioned correctly: Many-a-times, the hose may be blocked or may be bent badly so as to regurgitate the particles back to the machine. This may be the basic cause for the persistence of the food particles in the machine which then cause the smell. Once you have made sure that the hose is fine and is able to drain all the material, then follow the next steps.

Number 2: Clean the filter of the machine: At first, remove the filter from the dishwasher and clean it carefully and thoroughly. Make sure to use a stiff scrub and soap along with hot water. The instructions to remove the filter vary from the brand and model of the dishwasher. So, make sure to check the manual for your dishwasher so that you may know if you are removing and replacing your filter correctly.

Number 3: Scrub the interior of the machine: Most probably, the machine will still smell bad even after cleaning the filter. That is because, even if the smell was originating from the filter, the smell would probably have spread to the rest of the machine.

So, you can clean the interior by scrubbing it by making a paste. The paste includes baking soda, dish soap and water. Make sure to thoroughly clean all the parts including gaskets, shelves, walls, sprayer arm ports and door lips.

Number 4: Scrub the hose: Now also scrub the hose lightly with the same mixture to make sure that all the parts of the machine are done.

Number 5: Rinse the mixture in the machine: Now finally, run an empty cycle at the hottest temperature available in your dishwasher to rinse the mixture out of the dishwasher. And with this, your dishwasher should be clean.

How to prevent the dishwasher from smelling in the future?

Following are some suggestions which could help you to prevent the dishwasher from smelling more often:

Number 1: To prevent the dishwasher from smelling in the future and prevent yourself from thinking questions like “why does my dishwasher stink?”, you should take care of it more and should not make it to work rigorously when its work load can be eased.

For example:

If you put your dishes in the dishwasher without removing the large scraps, then it is bound to work with overload and some amount of malfunction is to be expected. So, it is better that you remove the bigger food particles with your spoon, fork or knife, and then place the dishes so that the dishwasher can work better.

Number 2: Try to keep cleaning your dishwasher regularly after a few days. Remember, if you take care of your machine, then your machine will take care of your dishes.

Number 3: Make sure you have enough water in the dishwasher every time it runs. That is because, when your machine runs while having low amount of water, the particles may get stuck inside the gap holes inside the machine. If the machine has enough water inside, then it is easier for the machine to complete the whole cycle without some of the particles going out of its reach.

In order to make sure of this, remember to close the extra kitchen faucet when the dishwasher is filling up so that It can fill up nicely.

Number 4: Make your water softer. Use a good water softener if your water is hard because hard water is not suitable for cleaning the dishes at all.

Final Verdict:

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