Top Loading Dishwasher

All You Need To Know About A Top Loading Dishwasher

Top loading dishwashers were quite popular around the globe in the 1930s, especially in the US market. But these days, top loading dishwashers can hardly be found in any market, be it Europe or Asia. So, the question is; why do manufacturers not produce top loading dishwashers anymore?

Top loading dishwashers are not manufactured anymore by known brands because front loading dishwashers became more popular among consumers. After all, they were easily convertible to a portable dishwasher from a built-in one.

Since it was considerably cost-effective for these brands to produce only one kind of dishwasher i.e. the front loading dishwasher, they stopped manufacturing the top loading dishwashers.

Are Top Loading Dishwashers Inferior In Performance To The Front Loading Ones?

No, Top loading dishwashers are not inferior to the front loading ones when it comes down to performance. The only difference is that the top loading dishwasher has a lid at the top that fully opens up to allow the consumer to load dishes inside it.

Top loading dishwashers can work just as well as front loading dishwashers because both of them use the same technology for washing dishes. Both top loading and front loading dishwashers have a spinning arm to throw water at the dishes, along with a steam generator to kill any germs on the dishes.

Why People Prefer Using A Front Loading Dishwasher Over A Top Loading Dishwasher?

Top Loading Dishwasher

People normally prefer to use a front loading dishwasher because they don’t have to clean the countertop every single time they want to load the dishes inside. Since front loading dishwashers have a door at the front, their top part can be used for placing utensils or any other kitchen essentials.

Dishwashers are large in size and they’ll cover a lot of your counter space in case they are built-in. It will be significantly convenient for you if the top of your dishwasher can be used as a countertop, which won’t be an option if you choose a top loading dishwasher.

If you use the top of this dishwasher for placing items, you’ll have to remove them every single time you decide to load a dish into your dishwasher.

Benefits Of Choosing A Top Loading Dishwasher

There are not a lot of options available in the market when it comes down to purchasing top loading dishwashers. Still, if you find one and you want to buy it, here are a couple of advantages that a top loading dishwasher has over a front loading dishwasher.

Less Space For Opening-Up

A top loading dishwasher requires significantly less space to open up as compared to a front loading dishwasher.

Since the lid at the top doesn’t get in your way when it is left open, you can do multiple tasks while loading your dishwasher.

A fold-down door of a front loading dishwasher takes a lot of space when left open, so you’ll have to finish loading the dishwasher before moving onto another task.

Fewer Water Leakages

A frequent problem that consumers face while using a front loading dishwasher is that the water seal often dysfunctions due to the high pressure of water on the front door.

Using a Top loading dishwasher can save you from facing this kind of a problem. Since the water is not filled to the top inside a dishwasher, the top lid doesn’t face much water pressure. This keeps the water sealing rubbers safe from getting damaged and allowing water leakage.

Fewer Upfront Costs

Top loading dishwashers usually cost less upfront than their front loading counterparts. You’ll have difficulty locating one, but once you do you’ll save quite a bit of money if you choose it over a front loading dishwasher.

Less Manual Work

A top loading dishwasher requires less effort on your end. You don’t have to constantly bend over while loading dishes in it.

Many people have back pain issues and they cannot bend for a longer period of time to fully load the dishwasher. A top loading dishwasher can be very useful for people with back pain and weak bones.

You can simply load the dishes while standing up and close the lid when you are done.

Pullable Racks

Top loading dishwashers also have an additional feature of pullable racks. You can easily pull the racks up to load dishes inside while standing straight.

Pullable metal racks are a very convenient feature and you can transfer your dirty dishes easily from your sink or your countertop to these racks.

Drawer Dishwashers

Drawer dishwashers are very famous in the US. They are manufactured by big brands like Fisher Paykel and BOSCH. These drawer dishwashers are a slight variation of the traditional top loading dishwashers.

They take up very little space and are very useful for small households and kitchens. You can simply open them up like a drawer and load your dishes inside while standing up. You can also use the countertop above a drawer dishwasher for placing your kitchen essentials.

Due to their small size, they are not useful for large households or professional environments.

Should You Consider Buying A Top Loading Dishwasher?

Top Loading Dishwasher

If you are looking to invest in a reliable dishwasher, choosing a top loading one might not be a good idea.

Due to their scarce availability, you’ll have a hard time finding a professional to fix it up in case anything goes wrong.

Spare parts will also be very difficult to find and will cost more than the spare parts of a front loading dishwasher.

A front loading dishwasher will be more economical choice for the long run. It may cost a bit more upfront, but its maintenance cost will be much lower as compared to that of a top loading dishwasher’s maintenance cost.

Final Verdict

A top loading dishwasher might be a tempting choice due to its ease of use and cheaper cost, but finding one can be really tiresome for you. Since most companies do not manufacture top loading dishwashers anymore, you’ll probably have to buy a used one with no official warranty.

Maintaining it can be just as hard. You will have a hard time finding the right person for repairing it.

All in all, it is better to invest in a front loading dishwasher rather than its top loading counterpart.

What kind of dishwasher is used in your household?