Samsung Dishwasher Grinding Noise

Samsung Dishwasher Making Grinding Noise. How To Fix It?

The most common issue with dishwashers is a loud grinding noise, Even if your dishwasher is many years old or spanking new. Commonly, a dishwasher makes unusual noises because of a broken part, a hard food particle, or something else falling into the bottom of the dishwasher.

Do not worry, it is normal for your dishwasher to make noises in a running cycle. Firstly, Check the dishwasher yourself to know what is causing the loud grinding noise before calling a repairman. 

Samsung Dishwasher Grinding Noise

If your Samsung dishwasher is making loud grinding noises, there can be multiple issues with it.

  1. Watery sound (just the dishwasher cleaning a load)
  2. Hearing a humming or buzzing sound (It is caused by drain pump)
  3. Check the water supply and see if it is properly connected or not
  4. Knocking sound from the inside means that your dishes are not properly arranged
  5. Check the filter if it is installed properly.

Most of the sounds mentioned above should not be very concerning, but if you hear a raucous sound, you should contact Samsung support to help.

Watery Sound

Sometimes you might hear a watery sound from your dishwasher. The watery sound is caused by a dishwasher when it is cleaning the load. The noise comes from the water being sprayed onto the dishes. If your dishwasher has a water wall feature, the sound could also be from the special water wall vein moving back and forth.

Hearing Humming Or Buzzing Sound

If you hear a low humming or buzzing sound, there is nothing to be alarmed about. This sound is caused by the drain pump which runs at the beginning and end of each cycle to retain residual water. But if the humming or buzzing is very loud, there may be something stuck in the pump’s impeller. Instead, inspect the drain filter and pump and try to clean it very well.

Checking The Water Supply

You should check the dishwasher’s water supply to see if it is connected properly or turned off. It could be the source of the noise. Consider connecting the dishwasher to a hot water line for best performance.

Knocking Sound From Inside the Dishwasher

The reason for bumping or knocking sounds from inside the dishwasher may be miss arrangement of your dishes. Rearrange them so that they are not touching the rotating sprayer or the water wall deflector and other possibilities.

Check The Filter

Sometimes the filter comes loose and moves around the bottom of the dishwasher. Check to see if the filter is installed properly or not. Each dishwasher model is a little different. So please refer to the user manual for specific instructions on checking or cleaning the filter.

How To Check If Your Dishwasher Motor Is Bad?

To check if your dishwasher motor is failing or not, start your dishwasher and check if water is leaking at the bottom or not. If there is a large puddle of water, it indicates a motor problem. If you hear a high-pitched grinding noise when your dishwasher is draining, that points towards a dying motor or a jammed pump.

Solution For Samsung Dishwasher Making Grinding Noise

If you have read the article so far and found out that your motor is indeed failing or there is a problem with your dishwasher, here are some tips you can follow to fix it up.

Wash Impeller

The wash impeller consists of a small plastic blade that allows water to go through the spray arms. The dishwasher starts making a grinding noise if one or more of the impeller blades are broken. Additionally, it can scrape against the pump housing, if the impeller is deformed, damaged, or bent. Replace the wash impeller if it is damaged. You can separately replace the wash impeller of the pump and motor assembly on most models.  Check out your model number to determine if your wash impeller is replaceable. You will have to replace the entire pump if your impeller cannot be replaced independently.

Grinding Noise Coming From Underneath Your Samsung Dishwasher 

First of all, take your dishwasher to the side. Open the bottom area of the dishwasher and pull off the plastic cover gently. Pull out the upper screws. Take a cloth, pour some cooking oil or mineral oil on it and clean all the screws well. Insert the screws again. Now that you have got that out, I’m pretty confident that the dishwasher should be good to go.

Pump And Motor Assembly

Part of the pump and motor assembly (such as the motor bearings, drain impeller, or wash impeller) might be defective. Often, you can replace the pump’s parts. However, if you do not want to disassemble the pump to replace its parts, or if the parts are not available separately, you can replace the entire pump and motor assembly.

Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet allows water to enter the dishwasher. The diaphragm inside the water inlet valve deforms over time. The water inlet valve is very hushed during working when it is brand new. If the diaphragm is deformed, it will produce a sharp vibrating or buzzing sound when the water passes through it. You might need to replace the water inlet valve if the dishwasher is loud during the filling cycle.

Drain and Circulation Pump Motor

The drain and circulation pump motor have bearings that deteriorate over time. They give rise to a continuous buzzing sound when the motor bearing fails. Replace the entire circulation pump and motor assembly, if the motor bearings have failed.

How Long Does a Samsung Dishwasher Take?

Usually, dishwashers take 80-160 minutes to complete the cycle. The cycle works best on lightly soiled dishes. It is normal for a cycle to take 2-3 hours long. This is the same for all dishwashers, not just Samsung. However, if you think your cycle is taking too long, ensure to check your water connection and inspect the insulation material like green felt.


If your Samsung dishwasher is making grinding noises. The cause could be a wash arm seal or bearing ring. Parts of the dishwasher are made up of plastic rings that support the wash arm and that the arm rotates on. These parts could be loose or worn out, causing the spray arm to not function properly. A low humming or buzzing sound is normal for your dishwasher. However, it is also caused by something that is stuck in the drain pump impeller below the filter.