How to wash dishes by Hand Fast

10 Best Tips on How to Wash Dishes by Hand Fast

These days everyone wants to do everything as fast as they can, whether it is for their job or the work at home. When it comes to household, there are a lot of things that we need to do, and it is not easy. Dishes can be a real hectic thing to clean when they are greasy, burned or have some stubborn stains. Especially when you do not have a dishwasher at home, and you have to do all the work by yourself. And if you are someone who loves cooking and trying new items more often, you must be wondering how to wash dishes by hand fast.

How to wash dishes by Hand Fast

We can wash dishes by hand fast by early rinsing the dishes, soaking the dishes before washing, using hot temperature, using vinegar (for greasy dishes or with stubborn stains), washing the dishes in correct order, and using the right detergent and brushes or sponge for washing. It will make washing dishes easier, quicker and smoother. You will find out how to do that in the following sub-headings.

1. Order of washing

How to wash dishes by Hand FastTry to wash the dishes from cleaner to dirty. First, wash the glasses, then cutlery, then plates, then pots and pans and in the end, go for cast iron cookware. This will save your time for washing and even the space for drying.

2. Early Rinsing

How to wash dishes by Hand FastEveryone who washes dishes, experiences that when dirty dishes are left for a long time, the food gets dry and gets stuck to it. It needs more power and time to scrub that off. An easy way to avoid this kind of situation is to rinse the dishes with hot water after you are done eating. Early rinsing with hot water will clean all the grease and food that is left on the dishes of the meal you had just now. It will make it easier to wash them afterwards even if they were placed on the sink overnight.

3. Dirty Dish Bin

Sometimes, we do not have the time to wash the dishes right after we have our food. Especially when we are having a party or any other function or get together at home. You need your home to look clean and organized; even the kitchen sink. You cannot clog and put multiple dishes in your sink. At a time like this, pile up the dishes and put them in a dirty dish bin and add hot water to it. It will make your kitchen sink clean and free to use while your dishes will be safer in that bin. The hot water you added in the bin will remove the grease on the greasy dishes and will make the stains soft which will make it much more convenient to wash the dishes after the party is over. It will not only save that scrubbing time, but also make it easier to wash them.

4. Pre-Soak the Dishes

Sometimes we forget and we do not have enough time to do the above options. Another way to wash those dirty dishes with stubborn stains and grease on them is to fill your sink with hot water and put all the dishes in it. After 4-5 minutes, you will see that all the stains and grease will start to remove easily. Now is the right time to wash them.

It will save you the effort of scrubbing those stains and food that got almost permanent on your dishes because they were placed on the sink overnight. You can organize the kitchen or can do anything within that window. It is best for large pots and pans that are usually stained because of intense cooking and are not easy to scrub. It will make it easier and save you a lot of time.

5. Hot water

How to wash dishes by Hand FastUsing hot water makes it quicker and easier to wash the dishes. The hotter the water is, the easier it is to remove those stains and grease. It will also make the dishes dry without any kind of stains on them. You can use gloves to protect your hands from the hot water.

6. Dishwashing soap or solution

You should use dishwashing soap or solution with lemon in it as it will help removing the grease and stubborn spots more easily and with less effort. Always check the soap you are using according to your need for washing the dishes.

7. Use of Vinegar

Vinegar is always a solution for removing the water spots, stubborn spots, food residue that stick up to your dishes, to unclog the drain, to disinfecting and even the corrosion on cast iron cookware. Hard water can also leave some residue on glassware after washing.

To avoid this, add one cup of vinegar to your rinse water. This will help you to get rid of those mineral deposits that do not come off on their own. To remove corrosion or clean dirty stove tops, take a large tub or bowl and fill water in it add a cup of vinegar and 2 spoons of baking soda. (Note, the mentioned product is very strong, so use it accordingly).

Place the rust object in that solution and leave it overnight. After that, simply wash the stove top and it will come clean.

8. Extra Drying Rack

How to wash dishes by Hand FastWhen you have a lot of dishes to wash, you also need more space to dry them as it will take more time otherwise. It usually happens when we have a party at home. Just pull off the wire rank of your oven and place it beside the sink and it will serve as an extra rack to dry your dishes. You can wash more dishes without worrying about the drying.

9. Use of Salt

How to wash dishes by Hand FastSalt is the best for removing grease from anything. For greasy pots and pan, put some salt on them and rub them with dry sponge until the grease is gone. Salt is also helpful for the burnt pots and pans other than non-stick. Just dip them in the tub full of water, add some salt in it and leave it like this overnight. Then bring water to boil and the burn marks will remove easily.

10. Plastic and Silicone Brushes

Brushes are better than sponges as they can dry quickly after use and are more hygienic as they do not have any deep crevices as sponges where bacteria can grow. They clean the stains better and quickly without any extra force and are easy to grip.

Final Verdict

The answer to “how to wash dishes by hand fast” can be concluded by the above discussion that if we do the simple things properly, we can save a lot of our time. If we pre-soak our dishes, it will soften the stubborn spots and make it easier to just wash them off easily. Scrapping is eliminated if we use hot water or wash our dishes right after using them.