Does Dish Soap Expire?

Does Dish Soap Ever Expire?

Cleaning products such as dish soap won’t be good forever because they’re chemical mixtures. They can break down over time as air, heat, or moisture speed up various chemical reactions. If a product seems less effective or if you notice that it’s taking longer than usual to remove stains and get the job done, it’s […]

How To Remove Dishwasher Stains From Cutlery? Why Is My Cutlery Staining In The Dishwasher? What Is Stainless Steel? How Do I Prevent My Dishwasher From Staining My Cutlery?

How To Remove Dishwasher Stains From Cutlery? How to Avoid Them?

Did you ever try to wash one of your expensive stainless steel cutlery sets and ended up having stains on it? Seeing the stains on your cutler might have given you a mini heart attack, right? For this entire blog, let me tell you that as the name speaks for itself, hard water is really […]

best dishwashing gloves for hot water

How To Choose The Best Dishwashing Gloves For Hot Water ( Including 3 Awesome Recommendations)

Hot water might not seem dangerous but it can harm your skin in the long run. Overexposure of skin to water tends to wash away all the sebum produced in the outermost layer of our skin making it waterlogged, which eventually results in wrinkles. Apart from this, hot water is known to disturb the moisture […]