Is Dish Soap Flammable?

Is Dish Soap Really Flammable?

Dish soaps generally contain a mixture of chemicals such as detergents, fragrances, colorings, glycols, and alcohols. Indeed, if you look on the internet, you can quickly confirm that many of these ingredients are categorized as hazardous or irritant. However, the hazard classification of each chemical is based on the toxicity of the pure material, it […]

do porcelain dishes break easily

Do Porcelain Dishes Break Easily? Easy Ways To Protect Them

Hey! Are you wondering about the durability of your porcelain dishes? Well, this blog is all about covering in depth the details on do porcelain dishes break easily or strong enough to withstand the hardships of a busy kitchen along with how durable it usually is. Do Porcelain Dishes Break Easily? It is breakable but not […]

Where to Put A Kitchen Bin

Where to Put A Kitchen Bin?

Are you renovating or redesigning your kitchen and are confused about where to put a kitchen bin /trash can because you really want to place it somewhere where it is convenient to approach and does not spread the stench? For all your queries, keep reading this blog till the end to discover the different types […]

Is Dish Soap Toxic To Cats?

Is Dish Soap Toxic To Cats?

Dish soap is safe and non-toxic to both cats and dogs. It can also be used on baby animals such as puppies and kittens without any harm. However, if you wash your cat on a regular basis, it is a good idea to wash them with dawn dish soap. It is mild and gentle for […]

How To Neutralize Dish Soap?

Neutralizing Dish Soap

Any dish soap or fairy liquid can be used in a dishwasher. However, because dishwasher detergent does not produce suds to clean the dishes, soap residue may not completely rinse off when using fairy liquid or other dish soaps that are not intended for dishwashers. While other soaps like fairy liquid and others produce suds […]

Can you drink dish soap

Is it Safe to Drink Dish Soap?

Products that can cause dish soap poisoning range from simple soaps to products containing a chemical called amine oxide. They can be harmful if somebody drinks or eats them accidentally.  Prolonged exposure to soap or household cleaning products can lead to poisoning. When an adult experiences accidental poisoning while cleaning at home or work, it […]

Can You Use Dish Soap To Mop The Floor?

Can You Use Dish Soap To Mop The Floor?

Since dish soaps are cleaning agents required in most households, it might be tempting to use them for cleaning items that are not usually used for their usual purpose. Dish soap actually has all the necessary properties that are required to mop your floor and clean it properly.  As long as you are doing it […]