Can You Put Aluminum Foil in The Toaster Oven?

Hey, who does not want to keep their new toaster oven to be clean, spick and span? When one asks their best friend about the best way to do this, the first thing they tell is to; line the crumb tray and broiler pan with aluminum foil and this is for catching droppings of food. But can you put aluminum foil in the toaster oven? To your surprise, when you read the manual that came along with your toaster oven, what you read is opposite to the sincere instructions of your friend.

The thing is that most toaster oven brands tell you not to put foil in their product. Now the surprising thing here is that although it is no secret that, aluminum foils and ovens do not go together but foil is used a lot in regular ovens then why it is such an issue in toaster ovens?

To add to one’s confusion, the theories of working of these two devices (microwave ovens and toaster ovens) prove otherwise. I mean if we see this logically then putting a foil in a microwave oven should be a disaster, yet it is openly practiced. On the other hand, putting a foil in a toaster oven doesn’t seem so hazardous and yet it is extensively warned against.

No, you cannot put aluminum foil in a toaster oven because it will most probably be a disaster.

Can You Put Aluminum Foil in The Toaster OvenThe science behind incompatibility of a microwave oven and a foil is that when a foil is put in a microwave oven, it interferes with the way it works or operates. The foil blocks the microwaves and thus they are eventually prevented from reflecting around the word in a normal manner as they are supposed to, for an ideal functioning.

 If one’s all for a bad day, then a naked piece of aluminum can cause an electric arc to be created inside the microwave oven. This can easily damage the machine or start a fire. In a nutshell: in a best case, it can scare you by emitting crazy sparks and sounds before you rush and grab the switch out of the socket and in a worst case, it can burn your house to ashes.

Now on the other hand, none of the above-mentioned facts apply to toaster ovens. What toasters utilize is the same basic technology that any other regular oven uses. Moreover, people use foils in toaster ovens all the time. This has turned into a sort of practice. Yet why do manufacturer companies warn so heavily against using aluminum foils in a toaster oven?

This question has been bugging a lot of people. As, it used to bug me too and then I decided to do my own research.

Toaster Oven Might Be More Complex of Equipment Than It Looks Like

Can You Put Aluminum Foil in The Toaster OvenYes, this is right. So, the answer to the query that can you put aluminum foil in the toaster oven is that A toaster oven is not what you think it is. It is not simply a box with a heating device in it. To be technical, in most ways a toaster oven might be a simple piece of equipment than modern microwave ovens and this is quite obvious too but there is an ample amount of engineering that goes at the backhand of a toaster oven.

Let’s discuss it. The main and the most fundamental job of a toaster oven is to make those crispy, uniformly browned. One likes their toasts to be evenly and nicely browned from edge to edge that do not look like toasts that do not look like an accidentally sunburned ginger.

There is also a separate system of heat management and this is very much necessary as toaster ovens are very compact.

Everything within it is within the close rage of the main heating element. Due to this, the temperatures in toaster ovens rise very quickly. In a way, it is an upside because quick rise of temperature means that your toasts will take no time in getting ready, so you don’t have to drive while munching at them!

Contrarily, if the temperature gets uncontrollably too high, the toast that you had the day before might become the last toast you had. Therefore, this is now clear that heat management plays a very much important role in how a toaster oven works.
One might be blurred by the fact that a toaster oven is a simpler device (which in fact, it is) than microwave ovens that they forget the fact that toaster ovens are very compact as compared to microwave ovens.

In microwave ovens, the heating principle revolves around the microwaves bouncing up and down and increasing the frequency of water molecules within the drink or food and due to this increase, the item becomes heated. Whereas in a toaster oven, the heating element is within a very close range and heat management plays a powerful role.

 If any bug or shortcoming appears in the heat management task, then this can cost you more than just a few pieces of bread!

This is why air flow is also very important in toaster ovens. Toaster oven manufacturers and appliance designers largely employ air flow to manage the overheating problem.

 Airflow across the toaster oven assists it in maintaining a normal temperature and thus preventing it from overheating and damaging itself or others around it and then comes the aluminum foil!

Final Verdict

Hope I made sense in this article! Aluminum foil has the tendency to interfere with the airflow. So, the question here arise that can you put aluminum foil in the toaster oven? As, airflow can be blocked or weakened due to the presence of aluminum foil placed within the device. This is why it is dangerous to use it in your toaster oven.

But then again, it depends on the method one employs to use an aluminum foil. If small pieces of aluminum foil are used in order to line the crumb tray, then it is without much danger. But if a whole roll of aluminum foil is to be used or one is planning to make their favorite mac & cheese in an aluminum box (like the ones they give away at Chinese takeaway) then it is wise to say that a toaster oven might not be the best option.